Author vs. Reader: who do you work for?

As a freelance editor, I sign a contract with each of my clients. It stipulates that I, the editor, will complete work for my client, the author. In this sense, an editor works for the author. The author has requested the work. Yet, as an editor and promoter of story, I am also concerned withContinue reading “Author vs. Reader: who do you work for?”

Language changes. And that’s okay

                I spent a lot of time browsing web forums in the early 2000s, before the genesis of social media. I was a stickler for proper grammar in everything I posted, spending an inordinate amount of time correcting typos and grammar issues I deemed unacceptable in others’ posts. When texting became the norm, I painstakinglyContinue reading “Language changes. And that’s okay”

The Importance of Story

As I’ve launched Songbird Editing, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about story and its importance in writing. It’s honestly a shame that the concept of “story” often gets relegated to a fiction-only space. Telling a story, delivering a narrative, is just as important in creative non-fiction, academic writing, how-to, marketing, business, informational, andContinue reading “The Importance of Story”

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