Rachel has helped many authors develop their voice and create polished content. Let her help you unlock the stories you want to tell.


Copyediting looks at the grammar, syntax, and punctuation of your document, catching errors in accuracy and consistency that too easily slip past even the best writers.

Content Editing

In a content edit, Rachel will not only edit for grammar, punctuation, and syntax, but she will help you delve into the style and content of your document, and give you tips on how to elevate your writing for consistency and comprehensibility.


Proofreading happens once your document has been through a copyedit and has been typeset. A proofreader will catch mistakes that formatting can sometimes introduce.

“Rachel not only has an excellent eye for those pesky grammar mistakes and misplaced commas, but she’s good at catching the content flaws we authors always make. If you want a clean manuscript, she’s your editor. Highly recommended!”

Pamela Gossiaux, best-selling author of Ordinary Girl

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